Michael is co-owner, web designer, tarot card reader and more at Boutique Stellarum. Young in body, yet old in soul, Michael has had a lifelong natural psychic and healing ability, he has always been able to see and feel beyond his eyes and physical reach and is now following that path and bringing those abilities to Boutique Stellarum.

Home schooled and raised Christian, Michael always knew his connection to the universe on a spiritual level lay beyond those simple interpretations of ancient texts. Having always been a scientist first, Michael operates within the knowledge of the Quantum level truth of the Law of Attraction, and the long-forgotten knowledge of wisemen of ages past. Utilizing these fundamental forces of the universe, he’s a practitioner of Magick in both traditional and intuitive forms, a tool and bridge to the Unconscious and the Universe at large.

To further strengthen this bridge, Michael also is a practitioner of yoga and meditation. In the continuation of his quest for the truth behind all things, he continues his learning of techniques and modalities for the healing and enlightenment of himself and others. Furthermore, he has for several years been a Tarot reader, developing a fondness and connection to the traditional Tarot decks for their depth and timeless application. He currently focuses on education, attending Shamanism and similar classes, as well as providing Tarot readings at Boutique Stellarum.