The Two of Swords: “Judgement is upon you. Not another’s, but your own is now being called to the forefront. Wielding the Swords of the Intellect, now is the time to weigh both the physical of the stone you sit upon and the emotional of the seas around you and come to a balance between them. The swords are so long their tips are not seen here, and so is the reach of your mind, able to go to any length you desire to reach your goals. The figure is blindfolded, showing that in the end, you are blind to the future, and the external has no true influence but that which you allow into your mind, but these are both gifts in the end. The figure is also wearing grey, reminding that your intellect is a supercomputer at the end of the day, and holds only cold logic until you allow emotionality to seep in. But it’s also a warning that cold logic is just that, cold, and often too cold for the world of warmth and feeling beings around us. Instead, it is best to balance the emotion, and the logic, and find that place of wisdom between the Swords and the Sea.” -Mike.  

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