Number 16 of the Major Arcana, The Tower. “The Tower comes around again. This time, however, it speaks of a need for steadfastness. The Tower has been struck by lightning, and currently burns. Yet, on its foundation of the mountain itself, with a structure of mighty stone, it remains un cracked, unmoved, in the face of the storm. Take in a deep breath, in and out. Even while others, like the two pictured, have jumped ship, today you must hold your ground, face the flames spreading, put them out, and reclaim your solidity. In this case, the crown is a warning against loss of self-importance. You are a powerful, wonder, divine being, an extension of the Universe’s consciousness, and you matter just as much as those around you. Your stance is just as valid, and today is the day to hold power in that and in yourself. The storm is raging, smoke is on the wind, but your foundation is stone.” -Mike

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