The Knight of Wands: “The Universe calls you to massive action today! The Knight, the embodiment of mastery of action and boldness falls in the Wands. The Wands are of the fires and passions that we all have, as well as the will to pursue them! Today you must don your armor, because no one said it would be easy, but the fires of life spur you forward, and you’re not unprepared! However, like the knight here, you must also show discipline and focus in the direction of your glorious charge, for the knight holds a tight reign on his steed. Also like this Knight, he or she dons the symbol of the Salamander, legendary creation immune to fire, representing how you must not become consumed by your own blaze of glory. Conscientious and purposeful action fueled by passion but tempered by will is an unstoppable machine guaranteeing anything you desire, and the Universe calls you to that place now.” -Mike

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