Number Six of the Major Arcana: The Lovers “More than any other card, I see this as the card of true religion. Of a return to Paradise. In full view is the representation of the polarity of man and woman, knowledge and life, will and nature, and the great Angel bridging the gap between the two. Religion, meaning to re-relate, or put back together again, is shown in full force here. For it is in putting it all back together again, us being whole once more, that we can return to Paradise. Now is the time of the Judgment, for you to look within, and love yourself. Accept and know all of yourself, and work yourself towards that true balance of your self. In that place, you will find wholeness and Heaven on Earth. It will not be easy, as shown by the mountain and stormy clouds between the two figures, but through the connection with your higher self, the Angel, and hard work, you will bridge that gap in time.” -Mike

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