I’d like to first thank all of our Veteran’s for their service in protecting our country and the freedoms we hold dear within. The Page of Pentacles: “I’m seeing a continuation of yesterday’s message. The blue mountain is showing once more the connection between Heaven and Earth, and more so the field beneath it. The trees also grabbed me, as a warning against too little self-will, and the need to belong. The Page here looks as if he’s not grasping the Pentacle and the value it holds as well as he could be. Instead, we should be going to the field at the base of the mountain, the connection to Heaven, and continue working on our self, applying more self-will, more self determination. Remember, you will reap what you sow, and sowing now is more important than ever. Re-evaluate the Pentacle, you capabilities and talents, as well as earthly worth, and take it to the fields. The crop will reach to the Heavens, as working on yourself now will benefit you both physically and spiritually. There’s no time like the Present.” -Mike

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