The Three of Wands: “Golden shores under golden skies seem ahead. The drive and the will to bring about our desires seems in hand and we’re ready to set off. And while this card is encouraging and joyous in that, there is guidance to be given. While one wand is in hand and planted, the other two are behind the figure’s back. Like the last several days, this is a call to look within, into one’s unconscious. The unseen or unacknowledged drives and desires need to be brought into view, and evaluated. They are just as much a part of you as the ones you have fully in hand, and are just as valid. And unconsciously they will continue to guide you with or without your consent, thus, they must be seen and put into place that you may be fully free to pave your own path in the world, and obtain everything you desire. So take a breath, look around, take it in, then look within. You can’t turn your back on yourself forever and expect good results. Face yourself, and be surprised at how much you truly have to offer.” -Mike

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