The Ace of Cups: “Flow, the in and out, receiving and letting go. The water, whether falling from the cup to the sea, or rising to fill the cup in preparation for the dove’s delivery, represents our spiritual being and our emotions, hopes, and fears. The Cup is ours and us, our own spiritual and emotional capacity, and the sea is the Universe as a whole. What this means for today is that we must filter out the muddiness of our emotions, and discern how we’re feeling. Once there we can then let them flow, the negative feelings flowing out, back into the Universe’s filtering oceans, and let the positive emotions flow in. This properly flowing cup is the cup the dove is coming to deliver its Eucharistic host, the symbol for purity and divinity, into. Furthermore, note the hand of the Universe, it gives this grand Cup freely, this gift, remember, is you!” -Mike

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