Number 21 of the Major Arcana, The World: “The Universe calls you to it, to look upon all around you and observe and determine where and how you fit into the greater whole. However, as massive as the Universe is, don’t think yourself small or insignificant. Quite the opposite! Here we see the woman has two wands, the opposites within us all, that must be both taken in hand and brought into balance. Furthermore the great garland shows the protection of Mother Earth as well as the representation of all four elements, the four heads, that are a part of us and if brought into balance will create the fifth element. And no, not the movie, but the Quintessence that makes up the divine core and is represented by the woman, or us. This is also an exercise to greater know ourselves as well, for all the better to know the puzzle piece’s shape when we find the gap in the puzzle it fits in. Just step back, take a deep breath, and take it all in!” -Mike

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