The King of Pentacles: “You are the King! Representing your royal dignity as well as the mastery of both the physical realm and your masculine attributes, the King is here to bring your long-lasting and permanent assets to light. These being your skills and talents, as well as a reminder of the reward of a productive life. For on all sides the King is flanked by the symbol of the bull, showing the force of nature that is your inner power brought to bear through your skills and talents. As well as a reminder not to let your thoughts about money or how much or little you have regulate your self-esteem. A poor king is a King nonetheless! Instead, look to the castle in the back, the earth and stone shaped by human hands into an immovable object and permanent reminder of the capability held within every human! This includes you, so be like the King, step back into the vineyard, has hard work as it is, and know that you will drink the sweet wine of that vineyard. Your life and your will is your domain, rule it well, and it will provide everything you need, for the Universe contains everything you could need or desire.” -Mike

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