Number 17 of the Major Arcana, The Star: “Representative of our purest dreams and life goals, the Star illuminates the woman we must all be to accomplish them. That is to live our personal truth without shame or inhibition while we partake of the emotional and spiritual wellspring that is our personal truth, and pour it upon the earth, and render it fruitful. The five streams of water spreading out into the earth represents our quintessence, the result of bringing into balance the four elements of our being, our will, intellect, emotion, and body, and how that balance will spread and feed the earth that is our toil. Simultaneously, this is also a warning not to get lost in that heady feeling of following our passion, and the vanity and narcissism that can easily follow. Nonetheless, put in your part, remove any shame or false modesty and let your full being and beauty come into view and step into your place in the cosmos!” -Mike

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