Number 0/22 of the Major Arcana: The Fool “Arguably the most individually powerful card in the entire Tarot, the Fool has come. Today the Universe has come to you with the Divine Paradox. Be and Don’t Be the Fool. For the Fool can be about to walk off a cliff that the dog is so frantically trying to warn him of, but he cares not in his bliss. Or, both he and the dog have come to the point of Nirvana, perfect bliss and oneness with their surroundings and the way forward may be perfectly safe even if we can not see it. In many ways both are true. Everyone knows if you don’t watch where you’re going you’re likely to hurt yourself. Contradictory, the Universe has everything you need and desire, and is ready to hand it to you. The greatest obstacle most have before being given all they want, is worry and anxiety, for putting your mind’s limitless power to everything that can go wrong will only manifest those fears. To free yourselves from that worry, embrace the bliss, reach Nirvana, become the Fool, is to allow the Universe to take over and provide you with everything.” -Mike

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