Number 16 of the Major Arcana, The Tower: “Today the Tower comes as a warning. The energy surounding us is building and is soon ready to blow. Both internal and external circumstances are soon coming to a head, even as the storm clouds gather and the sky darkens. Thunder rumbles in the distance and it seems like fire falls from the sky. This is no time to panic however. Instead of jumping ship for the hopes of escape, now is the time to breathe in and breathe out. Turn inward. The crown is toppled, and if you can let unnecessary self-importance fall with it, you will find this great storm rumbling about you is not here for you specifically. You are neither alone in your experience of it nor alone right now. It is, in fact, a storm, and it will blow over. Hold your ground, set your feet deep in the stone of your own limitless spirit, and face what comes. For when the sun does come again, your Tower will rise, maybe alone, maybe not, but it will rise high above the aftermath as a brilliant light. Hold firm!” -Mike

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