The Ten of Wands: “The Ten of Wands comes to us today as a warning. One has simply too many Wands. Not just too many Wands, but ALL the Wands! “Maximum Wand-age.” Wands represent our will and desires, as well as external needs and demands from ourselves and others. Today this is a detriment, as it is clear the person is struggling with all these pursuits, for themselves and likely others. Pushing themselves through the mud even as the goal, the house, the home, security, success, is still so far away. Instead, there is one Wand in the middle of the bundle. It reaches straight through the bundle and to the ground. This Wand is grounded in reality, even as all the others float and spread out into nowhere. Today you must filter through the nine Wands that are simply wasted energy, and focus in on that one core Wand. Take that staff, long and fruitful as it is, and continue on with that. Wasted energy is wasted time, you might be able to recouperate the energy, but never the time. Refocus is the key to success here!” -Mike

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