Number 19 of the Major Arcana, The Sun: “It’s a bright and glorious day, and one to be enjoyed the the fullest! Proper for such a holiday, the Universe is reminding us to be in a constant state of spiritual re-birth, always be as the child, open and untainted by the sorrow of the world. For that sorrow will only weigh you down, and hold you back from your full potential. Keep as if the Sun is always shining, the day is always bright and full of potential, and you’ll feel as if you’re moving on horse back. Similarly, this also keeps a firm grasp on your banner, as does the child. This great red banner is both a symbol of your vitality and energy, as well a connection from low to high, earth to heaven. It appears to have great weight yet this child has no trouble carrying it with vigor. So too can you hold great weight with impunity with the same sunny perspective of the child.” -Mike

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