The Four of Wands: “Homecoming! The last leg of our journey is in front of us, just a few more steps and the masses are already waiting there for us, bright eyed and wide smiled in anticipation of our reunion. Behind them is the great castle promising security and safety and rest. However, one must keep in mind the warning, the great wreath of reward above is high indeed, and our lofty expectations might be let down if set too high. Same too may the castle be indeed cold and unfeeling stone. This is not to say we will get the reward we have been waiting so long for. It is a reminder to be grateful for all we have and don’t let grand expectations set us up for a fall. Instead, steady forward, a grateful and happy smile, and take in the hundred small victories that lined the way here, and see the good in what we have achieved. There will always be small things wrong everywhere, it’s part of life to give us context for the good. But never dwell on them, you’ll drive yourself insane.” -Mike

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