The Eight of Wands: “So many drives and desires afoot, and more so, something coming. These staffs are incoming. The green land below is fruitful, with both a home in a the far and a river showing the changeability yet steadiness of this place. And change is occuring, as these staffs are coming in for a landing. Many desires, drives, and demands, from both externally and internally, are soon in the coming. This is not something to be feared or fretted over, however. For at the same time, the proper balancing and acknowledgement to each one will be your analgious ladder to heaven. Take them as they come and, as they are energy, direct them appropriately, for now is not the time for wasted energy. You have the proper and bountiful land as your foundation for this task, you are ready.
In Summary: These new developements coming into your life is energy like anything else. Redirecting the energy appropriately will raise you to new heights.” -Mike

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