The Two of Pentacles: “Change is all around us today. Indeed a flip side of the coin is being presented and everything seems like the sea in the back, great waves and ups and downs. However, the man shown, even if he looks strange and goofy even, has his right leg firmly plants and well balanced through it all. The show of the great bands between the coins is actuall held in delicate balance and tension. These two Pentacles are our inherent strengths in one hand, and our weaknesses in the other. The band between them shows how they are linked together, you cannot have one without the other, for they could not exist as so. One must acknowledge this and come to terms with it and they shall find the same strong footing within the storm as this man.
In Summary: We all have our strengths and weaknesses, acknowledging yours, even at the sake of pride, will be your victory through the turmoil.” -Mike

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