The Two of Pentacles: “The Two returns, this time with a warning. The large hat of our subject is representive of an overgrown ego, and now that is coming to a collapse if not brought into proportion. Even now he is juggling multiple material priorities, both vying for his time. All while he gets closer and closer to toppling over as he is not entirely grounded in reality, only one foot planted. Even his surroundings have turned chaotic, the seas behind him, as he tries to control everything he can at once in a vain attempt to hold on to his identity with power. In truth, we must pull our ego back down, and ground ourselves in reality once more. We are not the only ship on the sea, nor the only going through a storm. In fact, we, as this man, are not even on the turbulant waters, but on solid ground, if only we’d see it as such. Of course, this is difficult to sense when standing on one foot.
In Summary: Pride comes before a fall, control is an illusion. Bringing humility back into the equation will pull everything back into balance.” -Mike

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