The Six of Swords: “Today we must keep the Swords of our Intellect sharp and always aware, and then they can fulfill their most important task. This is linking the worlds of our inner self and the outer world. Through the filter first of our intellect is both the outside influences coming inside and our thoughts, emotions, and insights are then translated to the outside. That in mind, today we need to not be lost in the heady subjects that sometimes surround us but remain like our faithful ferryman. The boat only moves when the great pole touches the very bottom of the water, whether it be calm or rocky it matters not. This is a reminder that it is only by keeping the basics in mind that true momentum is made. For if we lose sight of our fundamental motivations then we will quickly get lost in the minutiae of every day life and more so in the larger plans we guide our life with.
In Summary: Stick to the basics and you will hit the other side, your goal, with surprising speed.” -Mike

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