Number 20 of the Major Arcana: Judgement: “The Heavens are opening up to literally blow a trumpet in your face to bring to light that today is a day of rejoicing! The judgement does not come from on high, but is yours to make. This is a reminder, hard and fast, that your life is yours to create, craft, and mold into what you desire! It is on you to make judgement on the world around you not to punish the wicked or pick out the lack of perfection, but to decide what it is you want, what it is you don’t want, and go from there. Cut out what it is you don’t want, take hold of what you do, and send out your desire to the Universe for what you still lack. All the while maintain gratitude and love in your heart and everything you need and desire will be yours.
In Summary: Judgement today comes from within, not without. Judge the Earth, and craft it to your liking in love and gratitude.” -Mike

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