Number 21 of the Major Arcana: The World “Today we have found ourselves cut off from our greater faculties by a self-constructed barrier of our own perceived successes, even our own actions and hard work is actually keeping this world of our own, this bubble held together, creating an echo chamber of our own perceptions. Yet while we hold all the ‘power’ inside this bubble, outside is where our true capabilities and potential lies, the elements and the mastery of them, mind, will, heart, and body, are only going to be achieved when we break through this barrier. And when we do, we will initially feel naked, but then we must realize that this is our natural form, this is who we truly are, and you’ll be surprised who will be more than happy to accept your true form rather than their interactions with your bubble.
In Summary: It’s time to break out of our own fish tank and begin swimming in the ocean, disassemble your own perception bubble and take a look around. You might be surprised.” -Mike

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