Number 14 of the Major Arcana, Temperance: “It’s time to grab life by the horns. More specifically, both cups are the contradictions of life. The one cup of filling, and the cup of taking. The cup of the wine of life and other the cup Jesus called to be taken away, of tribulation and trial. And more so, the many contradictions of life between those we call virtues of giving away, and the successes of winning and receiving. This is a call to grab these contradictions with both hands and bring them into divine balance and the alchemy of our greatest potential. Truly every aspect of the card is off all things being brought together and tempered, weighed, balanced, and turned towards that paradise seen down the road, Heaven, if you will. The angel in question, with the Third Eye shown on his crown, the crest on his chest with the triangle being feminine and spirit, while the square is mascunline and matter, brought into balance. This while the angel also has a foot in the water, a foot on the earth, wings of fire while he stands in the air around him, all elements brought into play. In the same way, you too must be the Great Alchemist of your life and bring back into focus your highest heavenly goals and potential. From there, the way will be clear.
In Summary: Elements and the contradictions that surround us all are brought into plain sight. It’s up to you to grasp a hold of them and bring them into Temperance.” -Mike

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