The King of Pentacles:
“The Earth in all its power and bounty calls to you now. Today is a day of both sowing and reaping in full today. Whether today is your opportunity to take your talents or resources and make that push, that play for an investment in the future, or if you’ve had your day of toiling the fields, now’s the time to make your withdrawal. No matter which it is, today is your reminder that you are King, and your divinity and your power is both in your humanity and your spirit, your capability to mold the Earth and your life to your desire. But be conscious about it. This is a responsibility as much as a capability, for to do so without mindfulness will have the same great effects against you.
In Summary: Take up your scepter of power in your hands, both your divinity and your earthly resources, and crown yourself in mindfulness and conscious effort, and the fruit of the land will be yours to enjoy.” -Mike

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