The Five of Wands:

“What appears to be a struggle and unfolding chaos here is actually a great opportunity. Here shown with these great Wands of desires and drives is a well balanced game of coreographed give and take. The lesson here is, like most games, from the outside it looks like a fumble of nonsense, but if we jump in and engage it, once on the inside, the dance will unfold into clarity. At this time, there is a messy jumble of desires and drives from both ourselves and others and it’s intimidating. Instead of discounting all this as an unknowable puzzle, step up and take your wand in hand, and engage the game. Get inside the mess from there it will be all the clearer what’s happening, and you’ll find maneuvering yourself through it will be all the easier for it.

In Summary: Don’t let the complexity of the demands of life right now intimidate you, instead jump in and experience it. You’ll know what to do.” -Mike

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