The Two of Swords:

“This figure holds their Swords of Intellect high and ready, garbed in grey and sitting upon a stone throne on a stone platform. Grey is the color of impartiality, neutrality, but also coldness and lack of emotion. Ever more so today, this figure stands guard to the sea behind them, a great lake of emotions and feeling. Right now we can see the outcroppings of earth and fertile green rising from the water. This figure, blindfolded to what they do, stand upon a great dam holding back these waters, these emotions. If we were to open the damn, get all these emotions out, it would drain this resevoir and reveal the fertile earth beneath that’s ready to be molded and turned into a beautiful paradise.

In Summary: Sometimes one’s adherence to cold logic holds back the magic that is held in our inherent emotionality. Let your guard down, and open the dam.” -Mike

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