The Nine of Wands:

“Today we may be so focused in on one set of drives today, that we might miss the veritable forest of other priorities all around us. The figure holds his wand, his drive and desire, tightly, and his sweatband is thick with it, showing of the hard work he’s been pouring into this wand. Yet behind him, out of sight, are eight more of varying height. Eight being the number of work and infinity, it is these other drives and desires that will have the most effect on him. Some are short, and may be quick to see to, or even only require acknowledgement for the time being. Others are longer, more important, and may have been avoided due to their commitment so far. Nonetheless, it’s now time to reassess our list, check it twice, and see to these other Wands.

In Summary: Focus is sometimes a virtue, right now it is tunnel vision. There are other unseen desires and drives of importance right now. Find them.” -Mike

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