Merry Christmas Everyone,

And Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates a different tradition, and Bah Humbug to those who don’t celebrate at all. Today for Christmas we are doing something Special. Founder of Boutique Stellarum, Chelsea has a special Card of the Day for Christmas.

The Card of the Day is drawn from a different deck today, one with Angels, befitting of Christmas.

The Angel of Pleasure:

The Angel of Pleasure card reminds to take Pleasure in everything we do. To enjoy the little things, to breathe through the tough times, and relish the good times. Today on Christmas Enjoy everything you do. From sipping down your first hot cocoa, to cleaning up all the little bits of paper on the floor. Or simply enjoy the quiet or the glistening snowfall. Merry Christmas Everyone from Chelsea and Michael at Boutique Stellarum.

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