The Two of Pentacles:

“Balance and technique. Like a carefully orchastrated dancer, the figure juggles both Pentacles, talents, wealth, investments, and material goals, up and down the rubber band with perfect balance, even on one foot. In fact, it is this mesmerizing display that is creating the perception that the oceans outside are random, terrifyingly rough and practically unsailable. This is an analagy for your current situation, that you’ve practiced until everything seems so easy, predictable swings to the left and right, and in order. But when you look outside your bubble, it’s the unknown, and terrifying. Today, the man in the large hat comes to show you that that is but perception, and that the time to step into that unknown has come, and there will be great things for that bravery.

In Summary: First step’s the hardest, even more so if it’s removed from a well regulated routine, but it’s a necessary step.” -Mike

If you’re interested in digging deeper with a private reading online or in person with Mike, whether you have only ten minutes or want to explore for an hour, we have you covered. Stop in with us for our Shopping Saturdays or FB message/email us to book an appointment from 11AM – 7PM any day of the week.

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