Number 13 of the Major Arcana, Death:

“As befitting the last day of 2017, the Reaper himself comes with standard raised high! The White Lotus on the flag is backed by five ears of grain, showing the Reaper’s mission plain, it’s time for the harvest! But, like the the Lotus, the steed Death rides is white, showing strength and vitality, but also subconscious drives. This is a call to look inward, and dig through that which may be the subconscious seeds for the visible harvest we see now. Remember also, this is not an end eternal, but only a season, and Paradise in the distance is not all that far away, it only takes a turn of replacing the subconscious with the conscious decision when it comes to planting our proverbial fields.

In Summary: It is not a time to fear, but to learn, and readjust our course with mindfulness now that we have some results to judge by.” -Mike

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