Number 15 of the Major Arcana, The Devil:

The Devil today is the face of Prometheus who in Greek Mythos brought the gift of fire from the gods to man. The Devil, representing that which we see as taboo and what we hide in our ‘closet’, bears his torch exactly where it will have the most effect, at man’s rump, so much so that man’s ‘tail’ is literally on fire. This ‘fire under us’ is exactly what we need, for it is these hidden parts of us that need and must be our muse, our inspiration to thrust us forward in life. Unfortunately our society pushes back hard daily to ensure these things in our closet remain unseen and unwanted, even though they may be that golden aspect of us we most need. The chains shown show that even if we wanted to be rid of this side of us, it is as much part of us as any other.

In Summary: Are you feeling stuck or without that push you need? Look inward at that part of you you normally keep in the dark, the parts you may be ashamed of or think ‘uncivilized’. That’s the fire you need, just waiting for you.” -Mike

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