Today I introduce my favorite cards. The Oracle Deck has beautiful artwork and is the one most frequently used for readings with me. Not surprisingly, as my deck is ready to reveal itself to the world, the Card of the Day, the Universe, featured on the box, is The World in traditional Tarot.

As I debut my Oracle Deck I invite anyone to contact me for more personal readings in the Boutique. The Universe Card as a card of the day on January 3rd, the energy of the new year starts to build as we shake off the haze of last year, the parties, the holidays and the transition of energies. 2018 is newly upon us and the Universe Card reminds us that everything we have worked for is coming to fruition, that our opportunities lie right in front of us and the Universe will provide all that we need. Today as we reflect upon the beginning new year remember to be grateful for all the growth which comes from the struggle of 2017. To be hopeful for all the opportunities knocking on our door this new year.

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