We took a couple days off from the Card of the Day, did anyone notice? Well if you did comment and let us know. Either way, three days equals three cards so here’s your bonus!

Three Cards for the Day: 1: The Situation, 2: The Task, 3: The Solution.

Position 1 (Center): The Situation: Number 18 of the Major Arcana, The Moon:

“On the path to a greater tomorrow you find both the tamed Dog on one side, and the wild Wolf on the other. This is the your cultured and accepted aspects in the Dog and the uncultured wild side in the Wolf. However, the Wolf is primed to strike and the Dog bays wildly at the Moon, your soul. You have pushed the Wolf so far down and starved it to desperation, and the Dog has been pushed to exhaustion in overactivity being the face all the time. It has caused a hard split inside and you feel like you are at war with yourself.”

Position 2 (Left): The Task: The Knight of Wands:

“The Knight of Wands dons thick armor ordained with the fire-immune Salamander and rides the most spirited and head-strong horse into the merciless desert. Like this knight the Task is to prepare your will for the mighty feat ahead, and then take action. The Wands are the fuel for the fires of action and the growth that must happen within us before that action can have any meaningful impact on our lives.”

Position 3 (Right): The Solution: Number 11 of the Major Arcana, Justice:

“The Judge, this is you, wears a crown of both the three prongs and the four-sided gem for our feminine and masculine sides, for we shall need both, as well as the necessary implementation of our Third Eye in this time. Furthermore, the Solution in itself is to weigh ourselves, objectively, followed by forgiveness and grace. With ourselves being weighed we must then cut through and cut off the fears, the stereotypes, and the ingrained, culture-driven judgements with the sword. With what is left, we bring both our public, personal, and hidden self into proper balance and reconciliation between ‘dark’ and ‘light’, ending the war.”

In Summary:

“As a whole, this is a spread bringing to light the inner war within many of us. How do we reconcile all the things inside us we are told are good and right, and the wrong and horror hidden inside? And furthermore, the things we keep hidden inside that we think are good and wholesome yet outside culture still refutes as ‘barbaric’ or improper. In truth, none of us are without such a struggle at one time or another. But this need not be a war. Instead, with purposeful thought and action, we can sort through all these parts of ourselves and with a non-judgemental eye, come to reconciliations between it all. Only from there be able to forgive and begin to work on the truly unhealthy parts of us and accept into ourselves the hidden beauty that’s often push into the closet by society.” -Mike

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