Hello everyone! We haven’t posted a card for three days so today we’re doing something special. This is a four card spread called The Path:

The Card in the First Position (Far Left) is the Current Situation.
The Card in the Fourth Position (Far Right) is the Situation Concluded (If you’re prepared to take this Path)
The Card in the Second and Third Positions (Mid Left and Mid Right, respectively) is The Path there.

First Position, The Current Situation: The Ten of Pentacles:

“Bits of every possible part of human life is represented here. So much so, and so many Pentacles, it’s practically impossible to take it all in at once. In our material, physical world, like this card, it seems like everything is currently being affected in one way or another and it’s simply overwhelming and unmanageable.”

Second Position, The Path 1: The Three of Pentacles:

“From this point of too many to manage it may be time to take a step back and reassess. But not to assess the problem, which we no doubt have many times. Instead, now’s the time to assess ourselves and look for talents and abilities that may have remained hidden or unknown for too long and how best to apply these new capabilities to the problem.”

Third Position, The Path 2: The Nine of Swords:

“This point of new talents on the field of play will, once applied, bring new revelations to the problems at hand. Like flashes of inspiration from the dead of night, this insight will be like a ladder to new heights of achievements.”

Fourth Position, The Situation Concluded: The Two of Pentacles:

“The combination of both new ability and insight will suddenly make it as if we’re an island of stone amidst rocky seas, deftly juggling the now radically reduced priorities and problems in our hands. Even more so, we seem to go at it with glee, dancing with a light step through our labor.”

The Spread in Summary:

“Situations and priorities abound all around us, all calling for our full attention and energy. Instead of focusing on each squeaking wheel, our best scenario is maybe not a reduction in problems, but a growth within ourselves to all the better handle problems as a whole. Once hibernating abilities and new insights from a fresh perspective are applied, suddenly a mountain becomes a molehill, one we easily step over and on our way. You have the power, always had.” -Mike

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