Hello everyone, we’re going to do another 4 card spread today. This one is The Move Forward:

The First Card, to the Far Left, is what you already know or have in your possession.

The Second Card, the Middle Left, is what you can do well.
The Third Card, the Middle Right, is new to the current situation.
And the Fourt Card, to the Far Right, is what you can learn from all this and will assist you in Moving Forward.

The First Card, The Ten of Swords:

“Like light off the blade of a sword, flashes of inspiration have already been coming to you at all times of day and night. The ideas necessary for you to carry on are already in your possession.”

The Second Card, The King of Cups:

“Seated upon your throne of stone within an ocean, you are resolute and whole steady in your emotional place, with both your Cup and your Scepter of Power in hand. What you can and are doing well is holding space for yourself, lest you get swept away…”

The Third Card, The Two of Pentacles:

“…for what is new is that the oceans around you are suddenly rocky, and it seems to be all you can do is juggle the material responsibilities around you.”

The Fourth Card, The Page of Swords:

“But what you can learn from this and will be the key to moving forward is learning to not go against the flow but leap into and fly with the wind, the Sword of Inspiration you’ve already gained well in hand. And while it may not be immediately obvious, that inspiration may be the key to your immediate surroundings as well as advancing your life long term. It’s your Sword, put it to work.”

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