Hello everyone. We at Boutique Stellarum would like to wish you a happy belated Valentine’s Day, and hope it was full of love of every kind! Today we wish to offer a retrospective spread, looking into the last three days and what they mean for the coming days.

Position 1 (Left) will be the 14th: The Two of Cups

Position 2 (Middle) will be the 15th: The Three of Wands
And Position 3 (Right) will be today, the 16th: Number 18 of the Major Arcana: The Moon

The Two of Cups:

“The Two of Cups returns again, this time, the lion growls as huge amounts of emotional energy is rumbling between the surface, and without given care, will threaten to overwhelm all around it. But if shared between oneself and those one cares for in a consious, mindful way, this emotion can be sorted through and turned into positive, constructive progress in our lives.”

The Three of Wands:

“The Golden Shores of the Three of Wands are splayed out before us, with the opportunity to leave behind deeply rooted drives or desires where they lie. Sometimes these no longer serve us and only hold us back where they have been planted. Instead we should carefully choose that which truly serves us, which is not always the one we desire most, and take that one on our journey forward.”

The Moon:

“The path to an ever more balanced emotional foundation, and with it, life for the future, is in clear view now. Both the wildness and the tamed within us seem to be falling into line, and the old has also surfaced into clearer view, so that which was not left behind previously, is even simpler to cut off. This is a necessity for positive change that we make room for it in our lives.”

As a whole:

“The last several days has been in more ways than one a catalyst for great changes. But these changes can only flourish into new growth and fruitful futures with careful labor on our parts. Don’t let up now, for the work day’s not done, but similarly, the rewards will not cease yet either.” -Mike

Keep an eye out for Monday, the 19th, when we’ll have a similar spread then, as the Tarot posts will be taking a conscious break over the next two days. Similarly, we will be open again for appointments and online readings then as well. We hope to see you then! To contact for a reading appointment, you can find us here.

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