Hello and welcome back! Today on the 19th, as promised, is a spread going over the last several days we took a break on as well as today to give us a retrospect as to what might be in development and about to come to fruition today or in the near future:

Position 1 (Left) will be the 17th: The Two of Cups

Position 2 (Middle) will be the 18th: Number 8 of the Major Arcana: Strength
And Position 3 (Right) will be today, the 19th: The Four of Wands

The Two of Cups:

“The Lion of great emotional energy that was stirring before now seems to be in full flight today despite our best efforts. Today instead of trying to avoid the Lion, we must meet it head on, and to do so as a team with those closest to us will be the most advantageous, and will have unexpected benefits down the line.”


“Now that we see the Lion in its full form, it’s a simple matter of stepping up to its continual challenge and put it finally to rest. This is done by taking advantage of the seemingly easier than normal connection to our higher selves we see today, and pulling everything together into a cohesive whole. With the big picture in sight, decisive action is simple.”

The Four of Wands:

“Today feels like a joyous homecoming, however, we should be wary of our expectations to not be quite as high as the floral archway that shows the finish line. For it is high indeed, and well out of reach of the figures shown on the card. Instead we must temper our excitement into a focus on enjoying the moment and moving forward steadily and without hesitation or rush.” -Mike

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