Hello everyone! As promised today will be a two card spread, and to change it up a bit, we will be pulling a card for each the masculine and feminine energy of today. Respective of the sides of the brain they’re associated with, the card on the Right will be the Feminine, and the Left will be Masculine.

Feminine (Right): Number 4 of the Major Arcana: The Emperor:

“Today the Feminine flows like a powerful river, implacable and unyielding. But like a river, it is two-edged in nature. Its desire is to carry life-bringing water to the desert and the wasteland, and is unstoppable in this desire. But should we not carefully guide it mindfully and towards constructive endeavors, it will follow gravity and regardless of what’s in its way, it will flow over it and wash it away. Follow your flow, but know when to make small adjustments in your course as to not take the town with you.” -Mike

Masculine (Left): The Page of Swords:

“Logic, the realm of the masculine, is feeling the vitality and energy of youth. But the wind is to our faces in this regard. Whether it be a new challenge and like a breath of fresh air, or a coming storm in the distance, remember the sword in your hand. There is a confidence in you, and a certainty in your masculine holding of yourself, that like the sword, extends beyond that which we currently see. Keep that bearing and remember to cut with the wind, not against it, and you’ll find no obstacle can stop you today.” -Mike

As a whole:

“The flow of our emotions driving us and the certainty of our logic can be of massive benefit to us today, if we can flow with the greater picture today. If we try to fight it for reason of ego or desire, we’ll find our energy scattered and ineffectual. Reach out and sense the way the wind blows, and dive into its current. Desert will be made paradise.” -Mike

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