Learning life’s lessons

Learning life’s lessons the hard way, often involves Expecting to live my life according to my plans as I approach my fathers b-day.

Not the first birthday since he passed. The second. Making it all that much easier, or I expected.

Taking that for granted, I expected to continue on with life, per usual.

Follow my schedule. Keep up with plans; or at least be cognizant enough to cancel them.

Well that being said. I wasn’t. I wasn’t even aware of my own schedule. I was so wrapped up in my own grieving process that everything else went out the window. In hindsight…. I should have scheduled time for that.

Sorry to anyone who showed up for the event Tuesday, which I did not show up for myself.
Between my own personal experience and the lack of actual RSVPs to the event we did not host anyone for readings or shopping yesterday.

So to anyone who did attempt to come. Please remember to RSVP. And you can always call the number if you want to see us in the shop. We are happy to take appointments and bring our best selves to meet with you.

This serves as a Friendly reminder that despite all efforts, we are still, only human.

Peace & love.
Stay Stellar

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