When the world is caught up in so much difficulty, such trying times, emotional and stressful times for so many of us, we need something to keep us feeling good. I know for me a lot of this time has been stressful and we want to keep feeling happy and good… so I want to share this.

I was getting really down and just about given up hope that I would see them…

And then they came…

Three of them..

Three little kittens!  

That’s right, around the time all of this started and we got locked down at home I saw that one the neighborhood cats we feed in the yard was getting pretty big around the middle.. and not anywhere else. It wasn’t just that we were feeding her often, it had become pretty clear she was pregnant.

I was excited to see more little baby kittens so my roommate and I started feeding her more regularly to keep her around and help the babies get all the nutrition they need. We watched her grow and our enthusiasm grew with her. Soon she looked like a little soccer ball. She is a mix of white with black spots all over her, so she looked really like a soccer ball.. with a head and legs sticking off of it. It was really cute. She was really cute. The first week of April I saw her huge and very very pregnant.

On the morning of the 16th of April when she reappeared with the daddy cat she was much much smaller.

“Where are the babies?” I begged. Ugh. I couldn’t wait to see them.

Six weeks or so went by and it was grueling. Ugh. How I wish to see them. I wondered if the neighbors got their hands on them, or if the momma had lost them somehow, and I was getting kinda sad about it. Then finally on June 2nd she brought by visitors! Finally, yesterday, and there was with her 2 little kittens! So adorable. And then this morning she appeared hungry and meowing again ready to fill up her belly and get ready to feed her babies.

This time I saw … three! So for now there are three little kittens living in the backyard. They are sweet and tiny and cute.

I can already see personality differences in them as obvious as the markings in their fur. Someday if I am able, I will try to pet them to get them care and a warm home, but even if they live as as scruffy yard cat I will love them just the same, beautiful and wild, black and white, fluffy, scruffy and cute.

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